Unique Holiday at HUM

Early Spring a few years back, when we had nothing to do and got bored just sitting around at home, we decided to explore cities and towns, and this time we visited HUM, recorded as the smallest city in the world by the Guinness book of record. With its population only of 17 people! (Consensus 2011).

The city was beautiful. It was small, neat, old, tranquil and sweet. The houses were small, the gardens were tiny, there were even small doors and windows. Flowers everywhere hanging on the windows and stairs that make the houses look so sweet and romantic. For me myself, this city looks like one big garden which has a lot of houses around! My second impression after we went around (which took only 10 minutes), this place reminds me of the houses of The Hobits in Lord of The Rings. The houses were so nice and perfectly built. It gave me the warm feeling.

They still have a gate as the enterance of the city so practically they don’t change anything since the town was first built to keep its originality (which I loooove).

Despites all of those mini looking houses, gardens and city, they have a really big Church tower and exactly behind it, a really vast mountainery view. You could see all the cities around and mountains. My husband and I sat quite a while enjoying the nice view and we were saying how nice it was to have a house with this kind of view. Although normally I prefer sea to mountain, this time I agreed with him.

I’m not sure who lived and who still live  in this small city, were they family or close friends who decided to live together but it was nice to imagine that I, my parents, my sisters, my close friends live here so we could see each other very often. Haha, everytime I go somewhere I like to imagine how life in that place was before and how it would be nice if I was part of it. I have a very big imagination, pardon me 😉 The funny thing about this town is that they don’t have school, hospital and governmental institution.  They must go to the nearest big city to do all those business. But don’t worry, everything is near here and no traffic, unlike most cities in Asia 🙂

Like most cities in Croatia, the roads are made of stones, and that, I think, what makes these cities look old and original.

I think I’m forever in love with small alleys since everytime I visit new places  I always jump in excitement when I saw them. And this place has the second best alleys. As you all know, the first is Rovinj, the city of my dream 🙂

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