Rovinj – The City of Romance

I will always remember the first time my husband took me to Rovinj. My very first question was ” how to read this town’s name?” Haha, for me it was strange that some word could end with a J read as a Y. Anyway, it took us about 20 minutes to get there from Pula. But, since we visited the town during summer season so it was quite hard to find parking spot. My impression when I first saw the city square was that it looked a lot like Italy. Narrow alleys, small and cozy cafes, mini apartments on each side, roads made of stones, and even to make it more dramatic, the clothes hanging on the top of the street! The people who live in the city practically hang their clothes (to dry of course) by the window attached to each other apartment. I jumped into a conclusion that this is one of my favorite cities in Croatia and my husband said don’t say that just yet cos I haven’t seen other cities. But, the truth is, until now Rovinj is still on the top of my  list 🙂

I first took photo on a pier, as you can see it is near the sea. Yup, you read that right, the square is surrounded by sea which makes it soooooo beautiful and romantic. I wouldn’t hesitate once my husband offered me to move out and live in one of the apartments which has the sea as the back yard! . Unlike most houses and apartments which have terrace on the front, people who live in the square have the terraces on the back. This is due to the limitation of space. They use the front space for road which is a good thing because they could have better view on the back.

The thing is, this city is really a replica of Italy. The people even speak Italian! So, for me it was like visiting another country.

—— cafes

What I like the most about this town is the cafes. It is everywhere and you can choose either you want to sip your coffee or tea on the small alley and looking at people passing by or you can have more private spots on a terrace by the sea. I tried both and I liked both so I couldn’t really tell you which one is better =)

———— church

They have one big Church on the top of the hill named Santa Eufemia. I was lucky as I got the chance to come inside and see what it looked like and it was amazing. The ornaments and the architectures were great. It was like zoned back to the old times where things were still traditional.

As we going around the square, I noticed some restaurants serving mostly Mediterranean food and I felt my tummy growled, so we decided to stop and had lunch. The restaurant was unbelievably relaxing and soothing. We sat on the terrace by the sea where we could see people swimming and jumping from the rocks. The funny thing was, I thought I would be distracted by all those activities, but then I was wrong. The restaurant’s atmosphere somehow blocked all those commotions and I enjoyed my food as if I was in a dream or something. So for me it was magical.  We sat there for few hours not wanting to go and stopped all the magical moments 🙂

The second time I came to this city was when my sister, her husband and some relatives come to visit us in Croatia due to my wedding dinner in Pula. They loved this city as well. When they came it was even more crowded as it was the peak of the hi season. You could see on the pic here that we had a really great time and everyone was happy.

And the third time we came was in Winter. You could see the difference between those two seasons. In Summer, it was crowded and every shop offered you souvenirs to buy, or some postcards. But, in Winter it’s practically empty. No stores opened and no cafes and restaurants as well. It was like a dead city. But, still it had its touch. I love Rovinj both in Winter and Summer. To be honest, I could enjoy the square during Winter more because not so many people passing by and it was quiet.

We took advantages of the emptiness by taking a lot of photos which we couldn’t do in Summer. We even went to some people’s terraces which were widely opened and they weren’t angry to us for trespassing. Unbelievable! When I was there I imagined myself having an apartment there and look at the sea from my window. Well, you could practically spit from your window to the sea! Imagine how close the sea is to the apartment. And in Summer families could have barbecue or just a simple lunch by the terrace and when you feel hot, you could just grab your swim suit and jump to the sea.

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